Welcome to jArt Java OS project!

Release 0.0.2 is available. Plase read current status notes.

Starting version 0.0.2 the kernel will be compiled under Cygwin environment (since there are some problems using MinGW on Windows Vista).

What is jArt Java OS?

jArt OS is an operating system kernel, that is based on the kernel developed by David Decotigny and Thomas Petazzoni for the SOS project. They have published a series of articles in Linux Magazine France describing in details the steps of building SOS. The idea behind jArt is to integrate the Java Virtual Machine into the kernel, so the user code and the part of the kernel itself can be implemented in Java. The jArt kernel is implemented in C and currently uses interpretation of Java bytecode.

Current state

Current version of jArt contains basic SOS kernel functionality (memory management, user/kernel multithreading). The jArt Virtual Machine (jArtVM) is running as a thread in kernel mode. jArtVM performs interpretation of Java bytecode of classes integrated into the kernel (as a single .jar archive). So, naturally, native code and Java code can run under jArt. All time-critical functionality tends to be implemented in C (rather than in Java) to gain the system performance.

Following this link you will find the current development status and changes history.


To get the jArt Java OS source code, please follow this link.

You may be interested only in the virtual machine (to run it for yout favourite operating system but not as a part of jArtOS). In this case, please read this.

How to build

jArt is developed under MS Windows envorinment using MinGW 3.4.4 compiler. You can get this compiler along with a CodeBlock IDE. Except the compiler, few more tools are required to build the jArt floppy disk image: Please read `How to build' notes for the detailed information on building the system and assembling the disk image.
(c) 2007, Arthur Benilov